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State Materials Service, Inc. - This division is a trucking company which operates as a common carrier hauling asphalt products out of our river terminals and equipment and materials for other

subsidiaries. State Materials Service principally transports liquid asphalt,

rock, salt and miscellaneous rolling stock equipment. 

The affiliate was acquired in 1991. SMS has 35+ asphalt trailers in the

fleet as well as lowboys, vans and dumps. 

Equipment Associates, Inc. - This affiliate is a trucking company that is leased and insured to haul hazardous materials chemicals such as aqua, anhydrous and fuel. EA has expanded in hauls of anhydrous,                                                                                      fuels, lime and propane.

                                                                                    Expansion in the fleet has also allowed SMS to extend                                                                                          its season and equipment usage. Heavy Equipment                                                                                              hauling often requires the use of super permits due to                                                                                          the size and weight of roto-mill equipment hauled for ASC. Expanded duty tractors and trailers have been acquired to provide this service.

thumbnail_SMS TRUCK.jpg

1000 State Highway 104, Meredosia IL 62265

James Piiparinen-Vice President / Manager

Office (217) 245-6182

Cell (217) 491-2360

Fax (217) 248-8605


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