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MEREDOSIA TERMINAL A Subsidiary of Illinois Road Contractors, Inc.

Meredosia Terminal (MT) was built in 1972 on the Illinois River, mile marker 72, in Pike County Illinois - From its beginning through today, MT is known as a "state of the art" asphalt loading and unloading facility.

MT has made a huge impact on the asphalt industry in Central Illinois and Missouri and continues to be a leader in the industry with almost 15 million gallons of liquid asphalt storage.

After a few short years, MT developed the capabilities to offload dry bulk goods such as fertilizer, road salt, and other products such as liquid fertilizer industry.


Asphalt Products

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Currently, MT has a variety of liquid asphalts and emulsions for the road and highway construction industry. We provide the various "paving grade" asphalts as well as "cut-backs" such as SC's and MC's. Our emulsions include but not limited to the following:

    CRS-2, HFRS-2, HFE-150, HFE-300, HFE-90, SS-1, SS-1H,            and SS-1HSC.


MT can handle asphalt by barge unloading and can receive by truck as well.


MT produces 56 different state certified asphalt products for both

Illinois and Missouri markets. 

The Lab at MT is ASTM certified for the testing it provides.

Non-Asphalt Products


MT is equipped with barge unloading capabilities for many products including Liquid Fertizlizer, Dry Fertilizer, Various Aggregates, and Road Salt. we also can perform "Direct Transfer" for on-time delivery.

MT also owns 6750 feet of river frontage for expansion as well as another cell/dock permit for expansion as MT continues to grow.

1000 State Highway 104, Mile Marker 72, Meredosia IL 62665


Ryan Davidsmeyer President / General Manager

Office (217) 327-4221

Fax (217-248-8605


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